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The Robin Hood of modern times play casino

A US player known by the pseudonym Robin Hood 702 follows the example of his favorite hero, known for his generosity to the poor.

In our version, Robin Hood 702 is a specialist of blackjack, which combines his passion for the game to the desire to help people. So far, he has donated over $ 1 million to people in need.

The mysterious Las Vegas philanthropist owns a site that collects numerous videos posted by people who ask for his help. Among his many charitable gestures we mention the case of a sick child with cancer that received by Robin Hood the sum of $ 35,000 to pay for his medical care.

Before making the donation, the Robin Hood of modern times gives families a stay of a few days in a hotel 5 stars Las Vegas.
To explain his strange behavior, highroller said: I earned a lot of casino games in recent years and now I want to return a part of my income to people less fortunate than me .
I’ve always loved movies with Robin Hood and thought that if he was able to do those things many years ago, anchio I could do something similar in our time .

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