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Supernalotto reaches record jackpot

This week, the prize pool of the Italian lottery has reached a record value not only for Italy but for all of Europe.

The fantastic prize of 115.9 million euro prompted Italians to queue in front of the box offices to buy Superenalotto game tickets. Since January, the lucky sixth digit has not been the most guessed by anyone, resulting in a substantial increase in prize money. Of course, the jackpot could also be shared by more people if there were more players to guess the winning numbers.

The previous European record dates back to 2005 and belongs allagenzia Euromillions who shed in behalf of an Irish home the fabulous sum of 115.4 million Euros. Lex Italian record dates back to 2008, when the jackpot of 100.7 million EUR has landed in Sicily.

Dallistituto A recent research conducted by Censis research shows that in 2009, wagers from the Lotto is greatly increased. In June, driven dalleffetto jackpot, Italians played an average of 7.8 million euro per day.

The Superenalotto was born in 1997, being a very profitable game for the Italian state coffers, which receives 50% of the bets.

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