Game of chance for the development of the African continent?

Just returned from Africa French Secretary of State for Cooperation Alain Joyandet, it adopted the proposal to create a game of chance dedicated to supporting the development of the African continent. Dellistituzione The idea of a humanitarian lottery is not a new one: the United States had thought the seventies.
Horizon already facing the possibility of an agreement between the French state and Fran├žaise des Jeux company that has a monopoly of lotteries in France and that maybe will be in charge to develop the game by 2010. The year 2010 is a great year for our project, since it is the year of the liberalization of online gaming, the year of the African continent and also the year in which the soccer World Cup will be held in South Africa.
He pointed out that the game of chance may take the form of a lottery or a raffle available online. A small portion of the revenue from the future game will be allocated to support the development of Africa. This could cause a humanitarian lottery allAfrica about 10 million euro per year, a sum that is almost insignificant compared to the 150 billion dollars annually from Africa swallowed.
In France, the news continues to generate controversial. The President of the Council of Black Associations of France said: Supporting the development of Africa thanks to games of chance seems to me at the same time immoral and indecent.

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