The online game of chance, also banned in Brazil

The Brazilian government has decided to ban the game of chance online, ready to adopt a simileallUIGEA law (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act). The law still in the design phase will ban financial transactions with foreign casino sites.
The legislation on games of chance in force was introduced just 15 months ago. However, President Lula de Silva wants a new law is brought into effect before 2010. In addition, the law also provides for the dellaccesso block to the game of chance limprigionamento sites and those that do not fully comply. Since you can not punish operators of chance online games that are based abroad, then we will punish those operating in financial transactions with them, said Senator Alves Filho, a supporter of the new regulation.
Brazilian law is inspired openly allUIGEA US. In essence lUIGEA, a law adopted during The administration Bush has condemned the game of chance online, banning financial transactions to and from the games and betting sites. According to the Brazilian authorities, lUIGEA gave positive results in the US and is a model to follow.

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